Brosse à Vaisselle Durable avec Pommeau
Dish brush (with knob)
Dish brush (with knob)

Dish brush (with knob)

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Discover our sisal and bamboo dishwashing brush, an essential accessory for a clean and well-organized kitchen. Made from premium quality materials, this brush is not only effective in cleaning your dishes, but also durable and eco-friendly.

The sisal knob is soft on your hands and provides a comfortable grip while you clean. Sisal bristles are hard and durable, allowing for effective cleaning of stubborn stains without scratching or damaging the surface of your cookware.

The brush handle is made of bamboo, a renewable and environmentally friendly material. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to moisture and bacteria, making it a perfect choice for use in the kitchen.

The brush is easy to maintain. Simply let the brush dry between each use to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Over time, bamboo wood may darken from contact with soap and water, but you can restore it by lightly sanding it to make it look like new.

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