Sac de congélation réutilisable hermétique
Sacs Zips
Sacs Zips
Sacs Zips

Zip bags

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Our reusable storage bags are airtight with their Ziploc closure. They are super practical, not only can you store your sandwich or snacks in them, but you can also put them in the freezer or use them for your travel hygiene items (soap, creams, etc.).


To clean it, you must wash it by hand with cold water and soap. It is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher. Recycle at end of life.


Material: PEVA, does not contain BPA or PVC.

Small: 21.5 x 11.5 cm (17g)

Medium: 21.5 x 18 cm (26g)

Large: 21.5 x 26 cm (32g)

Quebec & Ontario: $9.00

For the rest of Canada: $13.00

Free delivery in Canada for orders of $80.00 and more

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