5 simple tips for adopting a sustainable and responsible lifestyle

5 astuces simples pour adopter un mode de vie durable et responsable
Taking the first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle can seem intimidating... It doesn't happen overnight! You have to apply small changes that will become, unconsciously, anchored and natural over time. To achieve this, you just need to integrate new practices into your daily life that make a difference.

Don't know where to start? Discover these 5 simple tips that will help you adopt a sustainable lifestyle and more responsible consumption.

1. Purchasing by impulse

Following fashion trends dictated by society can quickly lead to excessive and unsustainable consumption. This is exactly where the trap of fast fashion lies. To remedy this situation, make sure to follow your own fashion! By purchasing pieces of clothing that are a real favorite, you ensure that you will wear these pieces for many years rather than for a short period.

2. Limit food waste

Did you know that according to a study conducted in 2022 by the National Zero Waste Council, it was revealed that 63% of the food thrown away by Canadians could have been consumed? Limiting food waste is a very simple principle that can never be repeated enough! An excellent practice to counter this situation is to freeze anything that is not expected to be consumed soon.

Little tip: use the large Zips bag which allows you to buy in larger quantities and then portion for freezing.

3. Make your own lunches

Making your own lunches is a simple, ecological, economical and healthy tip. All excellent reasons to get started! It is a practice that allows you to be more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of packaged and processed foods. It's also a good way to portion your meals according to your appetite and thus... Avoid food waste! ;)

Just slip them into your Eco-friendly lunch box and the day can begin!

4. Stop using plastic water bottles

In Canada, buying plastic water bottles is a crazy habit given the fact that we have very effective water treatment systems. Using your own reusable water bottle is such a simple gesture that can make a huge difference on a global scale. To help you apply this tip, our Earthy bottle , available in four 4 colors, is ideal to take with you, from the gym session to the hike!

5. Revalue second-hand furniture

Buying second-hand furniture is an often forgotten tip that represents an excellent opportunity to reduce your environmental impact! Not only do we prevent waste from accumulating in landfills and contaminating soil and groundwater, but we also limit the use of resources to produce new ones. Without forgetting that second-hand furniture is often treasures full of history and character!

Now, we're curious to know, have you already applied some of these tips to your daily life unconsciously?

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