Welcome to upsimply

Our philosophy

At UpSimply, we advocate simplicity in our daily complexity. We are proud to be able to curb our tendency towards overconsumption and excess waste.

We are above all passionate about eco-responsible solutions that are out of the ordinary. Our environment is precious and we want to help take care of it. Often, a simple return to basics is the key to finding a little softness.

Our mission

Discover and develop reusable and natural alternatives to single or limited use objects
that surround us with the aim of reducing our common production of waste.

The origin

In the summer of 2019, the idea of ​​finding out about and making reusable products accessible emerged. It was born from the desire to surround myself with more durable and, above all, better chosen objects. Out of ecological awareness and also with the aim of slowing down my overconsumption, I was looking for simple, practical and effective solutions for any object that I had to throw away after use. This is where the very heart of the company comes from: researching, testing and developing products that will replace disposable items at home.

UpSimply is first and foremost a project, an idea, which develops as I work on it. It's me, but also all the people around me who communicate to me their needs and desires when faced with a problem and their lifestyle habits. It's the motivation to want to find better and to do it not just for me, but also for you.

- Viviane Desbiens, founder

in our workshop
Design and manufacturing

The launch of our candle collection was a real turning point for UpSimply. Each fragrance has been tested and developed with the aim of being unique and specific to the brand.

We are very proud to say that each candle is made from quality ingredients, poured and labeled by hand in our workshop in Quebec!

Designated & illustrated products

We work to create products that are both practical and decorative. We work to produce objects with unique designs and minimalist images, inspired by nature.

Natural materials

It is important for us to choose and use natural materials, whether in products and their raw materials or in packaging.

An ecological conscience

We are committed to constantly finding better ways to recover materials during production and at home.