5 benefits associated with using Palo Santo sticks

5 bienfaits associés à l'utilisation de bùtons de Palo Santo

The use of Palo Santo is based on symbolism, coming from traditional beliefs and personal testimonies, according to which its incense brings numerous benefits for the body and mind.

Coming from a South American tree, it has been used for centuries by shamans and spiritual healers to clear negative energies. Today, beyond its good smell, Palo Santo is appreciated in homes for these 5 benefits associated with it.

    1. Calming effect

      When burned, Palo Santo releases a sweet, woody aroma that creates a connection with the present moment. A most pleasant scent promoting both relaxation and concentration. It thus creates an atmosphere conducive to meditation or relaxation.

        2. Support the mind

          The sticks are also believed to help eliminate negative thoughts. Its aromas emanate a feeling of peace that can calm a troubled mind. Some people then use Palo Santo to improve their mental well-being.

            3. Air purifier

              Palo Santo sticks produce smoke when burning wood that contains essential oils that can help purify the air and eliminate bad odors.

                4. Pain relief

                  When used as an oil, it is also said to relieve joint pain, asthma, colds and even headaches. For what? Because analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are associated with it. Indeed, it contains active components, notably terpenes and aldehydes, which help alleviate the symptoms associated with these conditions.

                    5. Keeps Bugs Away

                      Finally, Palo Santo keeps insects away! During the summer period, it is an interesting addition to an outdoor meal. You can both benefit from its pleasant smell and its offensive smoke for insects which will simply seek to change areas.

                      This sacred wood with many benefits can therefore be used for different reasons, all specific to each person.

                      Our sticks, from sustainable production in Peru from a respectful harvest (the trees are protected and only branches on the ground and dead trees can be harvested), are available to allow you to find the benefit you are looking for.

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                      *Note: It is important to emphasize that there is not enough scientific research to support the benefits mentioned above. It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor before using Palo Santo for therapeutic reasons or to relieve pain.

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