Summer collection 23': The inspiration that transports you

Collection d’été 23’ : L’inspiration qui vous transporte

Summer has finally arrived, and with it, our new collection of candles. This year, we invite you on a unique sensory journey with carefully created fragrances that will transport you to exotic and sunny destinations. Each candle is designed to evoke vacation memories and take you on a journey with its captivating scents. Discover with us the different fragrances from our summer collection and get ready to embark on an extraordinary olfactory journey!

In the tropics

“Cactus & Coconut”

Imagine yourself lying on a white sand beach, under a bright blue sky, with a tropical breeze caressing your skin. The “Under the Tropics” candle captures the very essence of this heavenly experience. The exotic blend of sweet coconut and fresh cactus creates a relaxing, sunny atmosphere in your home. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and let yourself be carried away to distant and enchanting destinations.

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Garden of Provence

“Fields of Violets”

Provence, with its fields of flowers and its picturesque charm, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our “Jardin de Provence” candle captures the essence of this iconic region by highlighting the sweetness of violet. The delicate, floral scent of this emblematic flower evokes fragrant walks in sun-drenched Provençal gardens. Let yourself be intoxicated by this fragrance and transform your space into a peaceful and colorful corner of nature.

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Costa del Sol

“Bergamot and sea salt”

Imagine yourself on the Costa del Sol, Spain, with its golden beaches and vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere. Our “Costa del Sol” candle captures the intoxicating energy of this popular vacation destination. The refreshing marriage of sparkling bergamot and sea salt evokes waves crashing on the shore and the salty scent of the ocean. Transform your inner self into a summer oasis and let this fragrance bring back memories of your seaside vacation.

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Orient Valley

“Apricot and cedar”

The Orient Valley, with its mountainous landscapes and rich culture, is a fascinating source of inspiration for our eponymous candle. The sweet aroma of apricot and the woody warmth of cedar intertwine to create a warm and exotic ambiance. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through apricot orchards, while the captivating scent of cedar transports you to distant and mysterious lands.

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    This new collection of summer candles is designed to take you to sunny destinations and evoke unforgettable vacation memories. Each candle is carefully crafted to capture the very essence of these magical places. Whether you want to relax under a palm tree in the tropics, stroll through a Provençal garden, immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere or explore the valleys of Asia, our candles are there to make you dream without leaving your home. You.

    I'm curious to know, which destination would you like to travel to this summer?

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