What are the differences between natural and industrial candles?

Quelles sont les différences entre les bougies naturelles et industrielles?

We appreciate candles for their aromas and their additions for decorative purposes which allow us to give a unique atmosphere to an environment. That being said, candles can be produced in an artisanal or industrial manner and therefore have several relevant differences to be aware of.

So that you can make the most informed choice (the pun was too easy), read the following!

What is an industrial candle?

What you need to know is that industrial candles are often made of paraffin wax, a by-product in oil production. When burned, it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These are known to cause, among other things, irritation to the eyes and lungs as well as headaches.

Besides this very important aspect, the industrial candle is generally produced in very large batches in factories, which can reduce both quality and originality.

Also, although it gives off a stronger scent, its lifespan is often reduced. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that, to limit costs, manufacturers use as little material as possible. The industrial candle therefore burns very quickly.

What is a handmade candle?

For its part, the artisanal candle is generally made from natural raw materials such as beeswax, soy wax or coconut wax and is therefore considered a better ecological choice since the components of the waxes previously listed are more respectful of the environment.

The production process behind artisanal candles, although often more laborious, is carefully considered to offer a superior quality product.
The scents chosen, the appearance of the look and the attention paid to small details make it possible to offer products that differentiate themselves from competitors on the market.

Why choose an artisanal candle rather than an industrial one?

The reasons are many! Whether to encourage local artisans, to make a more ecological choice or to discover original perfumes , the artisanal option is definitely a preferred choice.
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