Éponge Konjac naturelle d&
Konjac sponge
Konjac sponge
Konjac sponge

Konjac sponge

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This konjac sponge is made from 100% pure and natural konjac powder. Made to exfoliate the face, it is incredibly gentle and perfect for the most sensitive skin.

It is available in three infusions:

- Aloe vera: perfect for all skin types, it is moisturizing and reviving.

- Pink clay: suitable for sensitive skin.

- Detox charcoal: suitable for medium to oily skin.


Here's how to use the sponge:

  1. Wet the sponge with hot water, it will swell and become soft.

  2. Squeeze it gently to remove excess water.

  3. Perform circular movements on the face and neck.

  4. Rinse and wring after use.

  5. Hang with the cord to allow the sponge to dry between uses.

The benefits of konjac sponge:

  • Ultra soft texture for gentle exfoliation

  • Removes dead skin and encourages new cell growth

  • 100% biodegradable renewable resource

  • Zero waste without any container


Materials: konjac root, pink clay/aloe vera/charcoal

Approximately 7 cm in diameter (full size)

Quebec & Ontario: $9.00

For the rest of Canada: $13.00

Free delivery in Canada for orders of $80.00 and more

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