Palo Santo sacré pour la purification de la maison
Palo Santo
Palo Santo
Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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The Palo Santo UpSimply set of four sticks is the ideal solution for adding a touch of spirituality to your living space. Palo Santo is a sacred tree native to South America, the wood of which has been used for centuries for its purifying and therapeutic properties.

These Palo Santo sticks are cut and air-dried for at least four years, ensuring optimum quality. Simply light a stick and let the wafts of smoke scent your space while purifying the air of all bad energies.

This set is perfect for personal use or to give as a gift to a friend or family member. Order now and discover the benefits of this sacred tree.


Light a stick until there is a flame. Let it burn for 30 seconds and extinguish, smoke will emanate for about a minute.


This product is not recommended for pregnant women, people with asthma or other respiratory problems. We recommend putting your pet in another room during use as the smoke can be harmful to them.

Use in a ventilated room or ventilate after use.

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